Infidelity Agreement Sample

Infidelity Agreement Sample: How to Protect Your Relationship

Infidelity can wreak havoc on even the strongest relationships. While there`s no guaranteed way to prevent it from happening, an infidelity agreement can help couples establish clear expectations and boundaries that can minimize the risk of cheating.

An infidelity agreement, also known as a fidelity agreement or a love contract, is a legal document that outlines the rules and consequences for cheating in a relationship. It`s not a guarantee that your partner won`t cheat, but it does provide an added layer of protection for both parties.

If you`re considering an infidelity agreement, here`s a sample to get you started:

Infidelity Agreement

The undersigned parties, [Your Name] and [Partner`s Name], acknowledge that infidelity constitutes a breach of trust in our relationship and can cause irreparable harm to the emotional and physical well-being of both parties.

To establish expectations and boundaries, we agree to the following:

1. We will remain faithful to each other and will not engage in sexual or romantic relationships with any other person outside of our relationship.

2. We will communicate openly and honestly about our needs, desires, and concerns within the relationship.

3. If one of us violates the terms of this agreement, the other party has the right to terminate the relationship without penalty or consequence.

4. We will seek counseling or therapy if either party feels tempted to cheat or is experiencing emotional distress in the relationship.

5. We will regularly review and update this agreement as needed to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of both parties.

We acknowledge that this agreement is voluntary and not legally binding. However, we agree to honor the terms of this agreement as a commitment to each other and to our relationship.


[Your Name] [Partner`s Name]

Date: ________________________

While an infidelity agreement may seem like an extreme measure, it can provide peace of mind and a clear understanding of expectations for couples who are concerned about cheating. Keep in mind that this agreement is not legally binding, but it can serve as a symbolic commitment to fidelity.

If you`re considering an infidelity agreement, it`s important to approach the conversation with your partner honestly and openly. Discuss your concerns and reasons for wanting the agreement, and be willing to listen to your partner`s perspective as well.

Remember, infidelity can happen in any relationship, regardless of how strong or committed the partners seem. An infidelity agreement is just one tool that couples can use to protect their relationship and establish clear boundaries to help prevent cheating.